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City of Eaton Rapids

Notification of Weed and Grass Ordinance

Chapter 21, Vegetation, Article II, Weeds, Sections 16-21 of the City of Eaton Rapids Code of Ordinances.  Said ordinance is to provide for and regulate the cutting and growth of grasses and noxious weeds within the City. If you will be out of town, arrangements must be made to have your grass cut.  The City weed ordinance will be enforced throughout the months of April 15th through October 15th.

Under the provisions of this ordinance:

  • No person occupying any premises, and no person owning any unoccupied premises shall permit or maintain on any such premises any growth of noxious weeds; nor any growth of grass to a greater average height than nine (9) inches; nor any accumulation of dead weeds, dead grass or dead brush.
  • For properties not in compliance, the city clerk shall notify the occupant or owner of unoccupied premises to comply with the provision of the above sections within twenty-four (24) hours of the notice. The notice will be delivered directly to the occupant or owner or hung in a conspicuous place on the premises.  In the event that the notice cannot be delivered directly by the owner or premises notice will be given in accordance with section 1-10.
  • If the required notice is not complied with within the prescribed time, the city clerk shall cause the weeds, grass and other vegetation to be removed at the expense of such occupant or owner and the cost, as determined by the city council, if not paid within thirty (30) days after billing, shall become a lien in favor of the city against the house, building, or lot. The cost shall be assessed against the house, building or lot or, in the case of business property occupied by other than the owner, against the personal property contained thereon, the same as real and personal property taxes are assessed and levied.


This Ordinance can be viewed in its entirety Here and at City Hall (once the Stay Home order has been lifted).


Laura Boomer

City Clerk