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Date of Meeting: July 21, 2020

Time: 2:00 pm

Location: Eaton Rapids City Hall, 200 S Main St., 2nd Floor

Purpose: This meeting allows the board of review to act on very specific items relating to the assessment roll;

The Correction of qualified errors.

Granting of a Principle Residence Exemption that was not previously denied.

The board may review a denial by the assessor of a qualified agricultural property exemption for the current year if the exemption was not in existence for the previous year.

The board may also grant a qualified agricultural exemption if there has not been a previous denial.

The board may also make limited changes in regards to the uncapping of a taxable.

The board may grant a Disabled Veteran Exemption for the current year only.

The board may also hear an appeal for a Poverty Exemption.

The previous list is a summary of changes the board is allowed to make. For a more detailed explanation see Michigan State Tax Commission Bulletin #6 of 2018.

Please contact the Assessor if you have any questions.

Due to Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-87(3)(b) the July Board of Review may also hear protests and any other matters that are normally brought before a March Board of Review under MCL 211.30. The board must allow a resident taxpayer to file their protest before the board of review by letter without personal appearance. Anyone who protested to the original board of review in March is not allowed to re-appeal at the July board of review.