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   JULY 15TH



I hope this article finds all of you well. At least as well as you can be given the constant bombardment of rules, regulations, information and disinformation that has been foisted upon us.  I think you need to weed through it and, in the end, use good old fashioned common sense to make your decisions.

The truth, in most cases, is somewhere in between.  You receive the information from many sources. Use your common sense to determine what works best for your particular circumstance and go with it.  It’s kind of like playing pool or, for me, it’s about kayaking. It’s all about the angles. Pool, kayaking and life are composed of angles.  You use them to set your course and, hopefully, avoid pitfalls.  Sometimes you scratch or, in my case, you swim. Both make you better at your endeavor.

I have a framed set of blue prints for a kayak in my office. They were a gift. Intricate and detailed yet simplistic in their design. They show me just enough about how to build it but leave it up to me to figure out the little things. It’s the little things that matter. The little things make or break the day. The little things are what make you smile and appreciate who and what you are. Look for those little things. They will make you a happy being.

I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day. There certainly was no shortage of fireworks or celebrating.  I came through town the evening of the 4th and “The rocket’s red glare and the bombs bursting in air” were in abundant supply. Good for us.

A couple of noteworthy items that are coming up.

There will be a primary election held on Tuesday, August 4th.  It covers County, State and National issues.  Of local importance, there is a proposal to fund the sinking fund for the Eaton Rapids Public Schools.  This is very important. The money will be used to rebuild infrastructure and make improvements to our facilities.  Please support this effort. Make that commitment to our children.

Eaton Rapids Parks and Rec will be hosting a Free Throw shooting and 3 Point shooting contest on Saturday, August 8th, from 11am until 1 pm. The contest will be held at Rails-end park located next to the Eaton Rapids Public Safety building on the corner of Lake and Tompkins. There is ample parking available. Visit the Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation website for more information and to register.  If you register by July 19th you will receive a free t-shirt. Bragging rights will be on the line.

Every year the City Council is tasked with deciding on road projects. Some are small, such as those pesky pot holes, and some are large. We take into consideration many factors. How much do we have to spend? How many people will be either adversely or positively affected? What will be the overall impact that the project(s) will have on the neighborhood and the community as a whole?

We consult with not only our city planners but with engineers and the State of Michigan.  For our large project this year it was decided that State St. between the State St. bridge and John B. Davidson drive will be re-constructed. This will include replacement and upgrade of the sidewalks and underground infrastructure.  State St. is subjected to a tremendous amount of pressure due in no small part to the ERPS complex on Greyhound Drive. As we upgrade our schools we must upgrade the support system that “feeds them.”

The project is scheduled to start the first week of September and be completed by   the middle of November.  I know this will create some inconvenience for you and your children in accessing the school complex and I apologize. This is why I’m letting you know well in advance. Our city manager has been working very diligently with Dr. DeFrance and the ERPS Transportation department to come up with alternative bus routes. It is hoped that the project will move quickly and smoothly and make it safer for not only our students but the neighborhood residents.

On Friday, July 31st, the Eaton Rapids Downtown Development Authority will be hosting a Grand Re-opening Celebration at several local businesses in the downtown area.  Radio Station 105.3 will be on hand to “get the party started.” The music will kick off at 9:30 am and will run continuously through out the day. There will be door prizes and giveaways.

Several of our local businesses have persevered and have earned your support. Please come out and express your thanks and let them know how much you have appreciated their efforts.

Until next time, I bid you Peace. Take the extra moment, because those are in short supply in our world, and say thank you. Hold that door and smile. The masks won’t hide that twinkle in your eye.

Best always,