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                             MAYOR’S CORNER

                                AUGUST 10TH


When the framers of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence wrote those documents they did so in a macro environment. They were big picture people and they were visionaries but they couldn’t possibly have pictured today’s world. They created the three branches of government. The Executive branch, the Judicial Branch and the Legislative branch. They spelled out the duties and responsibilities of each one. Somehow “overlap” and “ego” have gotten in the way and we are staring into what sometimes seems like an endless abyss.

One of the most important parts of the Constitution is the Bill of Rights. Those are the first 10 amendments to this most precious document.  Please take an opportunity to review these.  Simply go to your search engine and type in “Bill of Rights” and they will pop up.

Many people pound their chests or scream about their rights but few people actually know what they are.  If you take one thing from this brief civics lesson be it that with the freedoms granted by your rights comes a great deal of personal responsibility.  When you exercise your rights be informed, be tolerant and do so with wisdom.

I hope you had the chance to participate in the Basketball Extravaganza at Rails End park on the 8th.  It was a blast.  Complete with free food, prizes, a DJ and sunshine. We had 15 plus participants and even had our Census Booth set up.

There are some other upcoming events for you to explore.

On Sunday, August 16th, from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm and Sunday, September 20th, from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm the City of Eaton Rapids will be hosting Pups in the Park at the Central Bark. This is the dog park located just off of Eaton Pines Blvd (adjacent to Rosehill Cemetery on West St.). The address is 400 Eaton Pines Blvd.  Bring your dog, your kids or just yourself,. There will be free dog toys available and you will have the opportunity to meet some dogs that are up for adoption.

Our Free Paddle Days have returned courtesy of the Eaton Rapids Outdoor Recreation Center.  The next event will take place on Monday, August 17th, from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm at Howe Memorial Field (for you lifers that is the Old Athletic Field off of Brook St.). Come down and join us for free kayaking.

During the Month of September the Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation Department is participating in a 5K Virtual Event.  At your own pace you can run, walk, skateboard, bicycle, Stand Up Paddle Board, kayak, handcycle or swim a 5k.  Go to to sign up. There is a registration fee associated with this event but you receive a participation medal and t-shirt and you have the opportunity to raise funds for our parks and recreation programs.  Make sure you select Eaton Rapids as your designated fund recipient.

As many of you know kayaking is my sport of choice.  You can find me several times a week either paddling in our downtown or encounter me somewhere on the river between Mill Pointe Park and the Bunker Rd. landing.  I was thinking about how I could utilize kayaking to support our schools ( I have taught kayaking to hundreds of ERPS students through the years and have done several river clean up events with them).

“Tada” the light went on.   I will be paddling for 24 hrs beginning on Saturday, August 29th, and ending on Sunday, August 30th.  I will put in at Mill Pointe Park at 12 noon on Saturday and paddle around the GAR/Island park until 12 noon on Sunday.  I’m asking for donations of school supplies (crayons, markers, paper, note books etc) to be brought to the GAR/Island park pavilion from 12-9 on Saturday or 8-12 on Sunday. You can also drop off cash donations or pledge by the lap around the Island. It takes me approx.. 6 minutes to make one revolution so be aware.  As a bonus the Eaton Rapids Movies in the park will be shown at dark. Bring the family,  your snacks, chairs etc and enjoy a movie and our beautiful bridge lights.

I’m asking you to help me make a difference with our children. This has been just as hard on them as it has been on all of us and it might just be that a box of crayons or markers can restore a smile and some sense of normalcy to the chaos.

As always, I bid you Peace.  Keep smiling under those masks and don’t lose the twinkle in your eye that says “it will be alright.