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Date of Meeting: December 14, 2021

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Eaton Rapids City Hall, 200 S Main St., 2nd Floor


Purpose: This meeting allows the board of review to act on very specific items relating to the assessment roll;

The Correction of qualified errors.

Granting of a Principle Residence Exemption that was not previously denied.

The board may review a denial by the assessor of a qualified agricultural property exemption for the current year if the exemption was not in existence for the previous year.

The board may also grant a qualified agricultural exemption if there has not been a previous denial.

The board may also make limited changes in regards to the uncapping of a taxable.

The board may grant a Disabled Veteran Exemption for the current year only.

The board may also hear an appeal for a Poverty Exemption.

The previous list is a summary of changes the board is allowed to make. For a more detailed explanation see Michigan State Tax Commission Bulletin #6 of 2018.


Please contact the Assessor if you have any questions.