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It’s hard to believe but school will be back in session on August 26th. Summer seems shorter and shorter every year. That being said, there is still plenty of activity to enjoy in Eaton Rapids.

Our river is a little “skinny” at present but the Eaton Rapids Outdoor Recreation Center is still renting boats for those down river excursions.

The parks are bustling with activity. Why not grab lunch from one of our downtown eateries and enjoy it along the river at either GAR/Island Park, Howe Memorial Field or Mill Pointe Park.  The Pocket Park next to City Hall has a covered picnic area and abounds with flowers and butterflies.

Take the opportunity to create your own work of art on the chalk board mural located in the alley between City Hall and Old Mill Furniture. The chalk and erasers are provided.

Eaton Rapids Air is just around the corner, September 12th,13th,14th and 15th. This year’s theme is the 50’s. There will be entertainment, food, a kid’s zone, the CASA 5k fun run, a car show, tours at the Miller Farm and a whole host of other events.  The Air Stream owners enjoy having you visit them in their coaches. Please remember, this is an Eaton Rapids event. It is for the community and while the Air Streamers participate, they are guests. This is your opportunity to experience your town.

The Eaton Village project is moving forward. These are the “tiny homes’ being built by the Forsberg Company in the area of Haven St-Grove St-E. Elizabeth St.  These homes are “stick built” on site and local stores and labor will be utilized.  The homes will be in the area of 600-700 square feet. They are designed for new homeowners or folks that don’t want to leave a “huge footprint.”

I took the opportunity to walk the neighborhood recently and speak to the residents.  Some questioned why somebody would want to purchase a home in “their neighborhood.”  Some were concerned that their property taxes were going to go “through the roof.”  Some were concerned that the homes were going to be set aside for “undesirables.” 

Property taxes will not be affected by the project.  Property taxes are based on the value of your home.  There will be no rental properties in the new development. These are all owner occupied homes and there will be no “speculative houses” built.  I view each neighborhood in Eaton Rapids as a piece of the puzzle. Each being unique but lending its spirit and flair to make the puzzle complete.  While we are the “Island City” you are not an island unto yourself. We depend on each other. That’s what makes a community strong.

The vast majority encouraged and welcomed the project. They view it as an opportunity to make the neighborhood a better place and bring additional neighbors to their little corner of Eaton Rapids.

In our recent efforts to bring the Rising Tides program, Re-Development Ready Communities and Michigan Main Street to Eaton Rapids one of the tasks that was undertaken was a housing survey.  There is a huge demand for single family-owner occupied homes in our area.  Just look at the Real Estate signs.  A week after many properties are listed you see “SOLD” attached to them.

As we keep moving forward the changes will become more noticeable.

Our Rental Inspection committee is hard at work. They hope to have a draft ordinance ready for review before the end of the year.  This is a necessity and an important component in the effort to move Eaton Rapids forward. 

It is key that we have help from all of you. Volunteers, residents, business, industry, the ERPS, the ERMC. Everybody has a stake in the success.

Until next time, keep working hard to make Eaton Rapids a fantastic place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Best always,