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Visiting Eaton Rapids

Lets go to the Island City, Bridge Town, E-Rap, lets go to a City so rich in character, so steeped in their own culture and so sure of who they are they go by nicknames.  Lets discover their restaurants and check out their museums, shop in their stores, listen to their music.  Lets go to a City that isn’t like other Cities and they’ve got the nicknames to prove it.  Lets go to the City of Eaton Rapids!

Shopping, arts, culture, dining, recreation….Eaton Rapids has it all!  You couldn’t have chosen a better place for a visit.  As you explore Eaton Rapids, please take the time to browse through our many shops, have a meal or two at our fine restaurants or just enjoy a cup of java as you take a quite walk alongside our rivers or sit in one of our nearby parks.   You can visit the gateway to sports in Eaton Rapids, featuring Howe Memorial Field.  You will find nine beautiful parks, historical museums, a wonderful library and much more!

You may discover an art sculpture that catches your eye at Memorial Park, or in the summer months, you can sit back and enjoy a free family concert at Island Park or the amphitheater or enjoy a Family Friendly Movie at the amphitheater.  You may want to visit the shops in historic Eaton Rapids and/or perhaps visit the historic Miller Farms, which houses one of the largest Scouting memorabilia in the Nation.  Whatever you choose to do, you can do it in Eaton Rapids.  We are very pleased that you have chosen to visit the Eaton Rapids Community and hope your stay is a pleasant one…..enjoy the Island Way of Life!