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The City of Eaton Rapids has a Council that is made up of five individuals.  The Council shall constitute the legislative and governing body of the City and shall have powers and authority, except as otherwise provided in the Charter or Statute, to exercise all powers conferred upon or possessed by the City, and shall have the power and authority to adopt such laws, ordinances, and resolutions as it shall deem proper in the exercise thereof.

Mayor and Council are four year terms of Office.  All elections take place in odd number years, with the Mayor and Council-at-Large being done in the same election year, and the Precinct Delegates in the alternate year.  The Term of Office begins on the first day of January following the election.

The Mayor Pro-Tempore is appointed by Council upon the recommendation of the Mayor.  The Mayor Pro-Tempore shall succeed to the office of Mayor when a vacancy occurs in that office and shall have and exercise the powers and duties of the Mayor when the Mayor is absent or unable to perform the duties of that office.  The Mayor Pro-Tempore may resign from that office without resigning from the Council.  If both the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tempore are absent the Council shall appoint one of its members to act.

The Council shall meet and organize at the first regular meeting in January following each regular City election.  At such meeting, or within one week thereafter, the Council shall elect a Mayor Pro-Tempore and do such other acts as may be required for its organization and the conduct of its business.

The Council shall meet in the established Council Chamber, and shall hold at least two regular meetings in each month.  Three members of the Council shall be a quorum for the transaction of business.

The Mayor and Council-at-Large are elected by all of the citizens in Eaton Rapids.

The City of Eaton Rapids is divided into Three Precincts.

Precinct 1 is the South side of the City.

Precinct 2 is the Northwest side of the City.

Precinct 3 is the East side of the City.