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Building Official

Welcome to the City of Eaton Rapids Building Department.  LeRoy Hummel is the City of Eaton Rapids’ Building Official.

Are you thinking about doing those home improvement projects?  It is important that you check with the Building and Zoning Department first to see what requirements or permits are needed before you start your interior or exterior project(s).

The purpose of codes, ordinances and permits is to establish minimum requirements to safeguard the safety, health and general welfare of property owners, future owners, the general public and emergency responders during emergency operations.

Zoning approval is required;

When you build a structure or have structure placed on your proerpty there are zoning rules to comply with for yard setbacks, lot coverage (size of project), building/fence height, etc., to be approved before any construction can start.

Zoning approvals are required for:

sheds greater than 25 sq. ft.-site built or pre built, inclduing moveable structures that sit on the ground


metal framed/vinyl covered storage structures

fences – new or replacement

swimming pools greater than 24 inches deep

additions to homes, garages, sheds, decks and commercial buildings

decks – attached and detached




wind generation structures

retaining walls taller than 4 feet

A site plan needs to be submitted when seeking zoning approval.  When the site plan is approved, then a permit may be issued.

Please keep in mind that if the proposed project is in a flood plain or within 500 feet of a river or county drain there are additional codes and regulations that apply.

Zoning Approval is also required before you start a business at your residence or in a commercial building.  Contact LeRoy Hummel.

Zoning permits are required for the following items:

One story detached accessory structures with a floor area of less than 200 square feet – new or replacement

Fences less than 7 feet in heigth – new or replacement – 2 or more sections

Building permits are required for the following items:

New structures including homes, garages, sheds greater than 200 square feet, metal framed/vinyl covered buildings, decks (attached and detached), commercial, (new/additions for commercial require additional steps before a permit may be issued)

Additions to homes, garages, sheds, decks and commercial buildings

All commercial remodeling inclduing interior wall changes

Siding, residential and commercial

Interior residential remodeling including interior wall changes, floor changes, finishing of basements, 2nd story additions

Roofs, residential and commercial, tear off and roof over

Replacement windows, residential and commercial

Fences over 7 feet tall-new or replacement – 2 or more sections

Demolition of buildings

Solar energy systems

Wind generation systems


Swimming pools – above or in ground

Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing permits may also be required for the following items:

New construction – residential or commercial

Remodeling – residential or commercial

Replacement water heaters and furnaces

Plumbing, if you are changing the location of the fixtures

Generators – permanent installation

Sewer lead replacement

Water Line replacement

Air conditioners – permanent installation

Swimming pool

Upgrading electrical service

Driveway permits for the approach and sidewalk for the following:

New driveways – must be concrete or paved

Existing driveways that are now being finished with concrete or asphalt

Please remember if you have a contractor perform work that totals more than $600.00 dollars material and labor they shall be licensed and insured.  It is the responsibility of the contractor to obtain the permit.  It is the permit holder’s responsibility to call for inspections.  We recommend that you do not pay your contractor in full until all final inspections have been approved.

Permits are not a tax; they are necessary to protect the homeowners, future homeowners, occupants and the public by the way of inspections.

These lists are not an all inclusive lists; if you have any questions in regards to your proposed project(s) requires a permit or not, please contact the Building Official’s office.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact LeRoy at:

200 S. Main Street

Eaton Rapids, MI  48827

(517) 663-8118, ext 8160

(517) 663-1116 fax


Hours Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30