Downtown Development Authority

Meetings: 2nd Friday of every month at 7:00 a.m. in City Hall

DDA Board Members:
Don McNabb, Chair
Dr. William DeFrance, Vice Chair
Dan Babbitt
Dr. Diane Parker
Dr. Kyle Booher
Mark McGee
Michael Carducci
Mayor Paul Malewski
Dr. William Lindow

The Term of Office for the DDA are Four Year Terms.

The Eaton Rapids Downtown Development Authority shall exercise such powers and duties as provided and in accordance with the terms of Act 197 of the Public Acts 1975; including but not limited to the definition of a development area; the origination of a development plan; and, the implementation of a development program as provided in this act. For more information about the DDA, see state Act 197 of 1975 and Act 57 of 2018 as well as Chapter 8 ¼ and Chapter 19 ½ of the City Code.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the general application and submit it to the City Clerk.

Member Description

DDA Minutes

January 11th February 8th March 8th
January 12th February 9th March 9th April 13th
July 13th August 10th September 14th November 9th
February 10th May 12th June 9th October 13th
November 10th December 8th
February 12th May 13th June 10th July 8th
November 11th
February 13th March 13th July 10th September 11th
January 10th February 14th March 14th May 9th
July 11th September 12th October 10th December 12th
February 8th March 8th April 12th May 10th
June 14th July 12th August 9th September 13th
November 8th December 13th
January 13th February 10th March 9th April 13th
May 11th June 8th July 13th
October 12th November 9th November 16th December 14th
January 14th February 11th March 11th April 8th
May 13th June 10th
October 14th October 21st November 11th December 9th
January 10th February 12th March 12th April 9th
April 20th
May 21st June 11th July 9th August 13th
September 10th October 8th November 12th December 10th
January 9th January 16th February 13th March 13th
March 27th
May 8th June 12th June 17th July 10th
August 14th September 11th October 9th November 13th
January 11th February 1st February 8th February 28th
March 14th April 11th May 9th
June 13th July 11th August 8th
September 12th October 10th November 14th December 12th
January 12th February 9th March 9th April 13th
May 11th June 8th July 13th August 10th
September 14th October 12th November 9th December 14th
January 13th February 10th March 10th March 31st
April 13th April 18th
May 12th July 14th August 11th September 8th
September 14th October 13th November 10th December 8th
March 11th April 8th
August 12th September 9th December 9th December 19th
TIF Plan

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