Quality of Life Board and Subcommittees


3rd Tuesday of Every Month at 7pm

Quality of Life Board Members:

Mary Maxey, Chair
Hellen Broom
Scott Badgero
Christopher Sebastian
David Ford
Danielle Raad
Wayne Ash

Arts Council Subcommittee:

Chris Sebastian, Chair

Danielle Raad

Jamie Lawson

Kyle Cobe

Jodi Schrader

Oakridge Park Subcommittee:

Mary Maxey

Helen Broom

Bernell Morgan (ER Township)

David Wilson (ER Township)

William Botti (At Large)

Parks Development Subcommittee:

Scott Badgero, Chair

Teen/Youth Initiatives Subcommittee:

Wayne Ash, Chair

Water Recreation Subcommittee:

Helen Broom

David Ford, Chair

Russ Hicks

The advisory park board shall act soley in a fact-finding, recommendatory and advisory capacity to the City Council and it shall be its duty to consider and study and promote publicly the reasonable needs of park facilities and activities in which the city might participate, to formulate and to report to the city estimates of public requirements for park facilities and for the costs thereof and the amount which might properly be appropriated by the City Council to provide and maintain such park facilities.  For more information see Section 16 of the Eaton Rapids City Code.


2018 Meetings & Agendas

Quality of Life Agenda – May 15th

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