Library Board

The Library Board is Appointed by the City Council and is directed to oversee the functions of the Library.

Meetings: 2nd Monday of every month at 9:30 a.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers, 200 S. Main St.

The Term of Office for Board Members is Five Years.




Board Members:

Jan Denton, Chair
Lois DeCamp
Sonja Seaks
Kristy Reinecke
Krysta McGee

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please contact our City Clerk, Kristy Reinecke at (517) 663-8118.


The authority of the Eaton Rapids Library Board of Trustees, also known as the Library Board of Directors, is established by the Eaton Rapids City Charter, 1990 Section 6.13.  It is also supported by Act No. 164, Public Acts, 1877, as amended.

  • The Board of Trustees is composed of five (5) members.
  • The term of Board of Trustee members is five (5) years.
  • Appointments to the Board of Trustees are made by the City of Eaton Rapids Mayor and Council upon the recommendation of the current Board of Trustees.
  • Board of Trustee members are appointed in January of each year and assume office the first day of February, following.
  • Recommendations made by the Board of Trustee for new members and for reappointment are submitted to the City of Eaton Rapids for approval.

Duties and Powers of the Board:

  • The five member Library Board of Trustees of the Eaton Rapids Public Library shall each year review and adopt an annual budget.
  • The Board of Trustees shall hire a professional librarian as Library Director and pass on the appointment of such other employees of the Library as the Director recommends.  The Board of Trustees must evaluate the work of the Director annually.
  • The Board of Trustees shall provide care and preservation of the Library building and contents.
  • The Board of Trustees shall accept gifts and donations of real and personal property.
  • Each Board of Trustees member has the responsibility to interpret the Library and its services to the community and to encourage a friendly attitude toward the Library.
  • Each Board of Trustees member recognizes quality Library service and will work toward providing such service; maintain Library services as they meet the Library needs of the community.
  • All complaints relative to Library services shall be referred to the Board of Trustees for discussion and possible action.
  • The Board of Trustees may authorize committees as are deemed necessary.  No committee will constitute a majority of the Library Board.  The Committee shall report recommendations to the Library Board for appropriate action.  The President of the Board of Trustees shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.