City Parks

Gone Fishin’…’s a sign we’ve seen in windows of Barber Shops and Corner Stores for years.  It means we’ve locked up and headed off to do something we love.  A little sign that says so much about our need to fill our lungs with fresh air, to stretch, to laugh, to simply get out and play.

Luckily there’s an entire City dedicated to those little signs.  With rivers and streams running through our City begging you to hang up “Gone Swimming”, “Gone Camping”, “Gone Kayaking”, “Gone Fishing”, “Gone Biking”, “Gone Golfing”, “Gone Rock Skipping”, “Gone Hiking”, “Gone Wandering”.

It’s too easy to get caught up wading through meetings and scaling mountains of paperwork, it’s time to play a little hookie.   Meet you on the playground of Eaton Rapids Parks……the Island Way of Life!

60+ Acres of Parkland for You to Enjoy!

Our community has more than 60 acres of land designated for parks and recreational use. An additional 1,050 feet of riverwalk is also available for your enjoyment, as well as school, regional and state facilities.